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Hello LJ [Mar. 28th, 2012|11:45 pm]
Ade "AJ"
[emo.......... |amusedamused]

Crap- I haven't been here in YEARS--- ... I hate social networks
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I'm a lemming muse [Dec. 1st, 2008|07:39 pm]
Ade "AJ"
Seems my circle of clients took this online quiz...

Your rainbow is strongly shaded green.


What is says about you: You are an intelligent person. You feel strong ties to nature and your mood changes with its cycles. Those around you admire your fresh outlook and vitality.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.

gods...can I be anymore predictable?

Hope everyone has had an awsum year so far! I've written this one off - can't wait till January 20th! wØØt!
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Curses [Aug. 4th, 2008|12:01 am]
Ade "AJ"

My apologies for the long silence again. A lot of crazy stuff has been happening here this year. Well, sadly, it is official now. TokyoPop informed my clients a few weeks ago (via email) that they will *not* be printing ShutterBox vol. 5 or 6 and by now, has stopped printing ShutterBox altogether. So-basically, ShutterBox publsihed by TokyoPop is out-of-print and whatever you find out there is it. If you haven't got your hard copies of SB yet- now is the time. A good source to still obtain them is here:
This is not posted in any way to cause alarm, however I do feel as loyal fans, you do have the right to know what is happening to a series you're following.
We are actively looking for a new publisher for ShutterBox now. Apologies for all of you out there who have been patiently waiting for vol. 5. We will get it out to you just as soon as possible. More updates as they happen asap.
We thank you for your kind support and patience over the years for ShutterBox. I thank you for believing- Its far from over yet.

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SB Cosplay! [Jul. 12th, 2008|11:59 pm]
Ade "AJ"
Apologies for the long long silence. I'm bad at biting my tongue. But! For now something positive!

My clients went to AX 2008 last weekend to meet this group of awesumness (which included our ex-TP editor, Hope):

Click here for list of piccys


For any other updates please check out: http://tavicat.deviantart.com/
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Cheers to all the Dads out there! [Jun. 15th, 2008|05:51 am]
Ade "AJ"

(stolen from
shutterbox )

Have a fun day everyone! Happy Musings!
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SB is OK! [Jun. 10th, 2008|12:48 pm]
Ade "AJ"
Other personal struggles that my clients have been facing this year aside--there's this:

Tokyopop Revamps; Cuts Titles, Lays Off 39
by Calvin Reid -- Publishers Weekly, 6/3/2008 10:26:00 AM

The persistent rumors during BEA about the state of Tokyopop turned out to be mostly right. The Los Angeles manga publisher announced a major restructuring that will create two separate divisions—the Tokyopop Inc. publishing unit and Tokyopop Media, a digital and comics-to-films unit—under the Tokyopop Group’s holding company. The moves will result in the layoffs of about 39 Tokyopop staffers.
Tokyopop is also dramatically cutting by half the number of titles it plans to release (typically the house releases nearly 500 books a year) and will also pullout as a major exhibitor at the San Diego Comic-Con International, the most influential comics convention of the year. Tokyopop’s Japanese entity will be separated into two units as well: one under Tokyopop Media and the other will continue as the Tokyopop group’s holding company. Tokyopop’s European operations will not be affected.

The move comes just as Borders, the top retailer of manga in the U.S., announced a restructuring of its business resulting in over 270 layoffs. During BEA, many comics publishers were concerned about the impact of changes at Borders on the sales of graphic novels and manga in particular. But Tokyopop’s restructuring is also meant to highlight its efforts in getting its original manga content turned into film projects as well as to focus on the growth of its digital and mobile phone comics initiatives

Stuart Levy, CEO and chief creative officer of Tokyopop, said the restructuring was “the right business move,” and said the changes would align its publishing business with current book retail trends. “The time is now for us to focus our publishing business to overcome current market challenges,” Levy said in a release. “Fewer releases will allow for less cannibalization at retail. At the same time, the opportunity is significant in the digital and comics-to-film space. We must adjust our overhead to properly execute this new business plan.”

Tokyopop also announced two executive appointments. Tokyopop group president and COO John Parker will take over as publisher of Tokyopop. And Tokyopop director of marketing Marco Pavia has been promoted to associate publisher of the publishing division. In addition, current Tokyopop publisher Mike Kiley will now lead Tokyopop Media, the new digital and film unit.

Parker said he intends to “significantly reduce our annual output, focusing on the most successful continuing series and the most promising new titles.” He also said that Pava will focus on developing new lines. Kiley pointed to more than 25,000 pages of original comics and manga published by Tokyopop over the last three years and said, “with the relationships we have established in the past year, Tokyopop Media is ready to move quickly into the comics-to-film and digital markets.”

Looks like TP has def downscaled their publishing output. Kodansha most likely woke up finally and decided maybe they can publish their own translated books for the US market. *ding*
Luckily, ShutterBox wasn't one of the cut titles-- and despite loosing some of the best editors we ever had on this book, pages march forward. We now have a new editor, Lillian Diaz-Przybyl.
Currently the last pages of ShutterBox vol. 5 are being created. Looks like the last of the editing and touch ups will happen at the end of this month. I'm not sure of the street date, but I have a feeling it won't be till around Fall this year- maybe the beginning of next year. All I know is we start SB6 this July. We received the returned contracts w/ Mr. Parker's shiny sig on them in the mail just yesterday. So its a positive sign of security to finish SB to the end. *phew* What a long road bumpy its been! ---and not quite over yet. We appreciate all the positive support from all of you out there.
I really need to update this LJ more often. Hopefully there's still a small audience out there....somewhere ::crickets:: There-see? ::デザートポッキーバナナショコラのタルト風がおいしいよ〜!::
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Anime Ambassador! [Mar. 20th, 2008|01:12 am]
Ade "AJ"
This is too kewl... Only in Japan would they honour animation like this!


Also, apologies for the long, long silence. My clients were in a fit of a family & pet crisis. If you hadn't heard, all can be read here. Now, aside from Tavisha's eye infection, all is getting better. SB5 is officially off schedule, but it is getting done.

Thanx for your patience- I'll try to post updates asap.


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The internet is a powerful tool, don't be fooled by it [Jan. 19th, 2008|09:15 pm]
Ade "AJ"
First off, thanx so much for the kind & generous person who gave me some paid months on LJ. I know I've been bad at posting here, but really, its been insanely busy. Hope you understand.

So, how about that Cloverfield? I thought the Blair Witch was already a been there done that next to the old 1970's "bigfoot" footages- then again, maybe I've just existed waaay too long to be that impressed by anything Hollywood tries to "wow" at us lately. Not to say Cloverfield was a "bad" film, it has entertainment...value...had some ...moments.... in parts, however, to be fair, I did enter the movie house w/ low expectations and a very open-mind. I've been busy with the musings so I pretty much missed the internet buzz that somehow "justifies" this movie. But, it seems to me, this whole internet viral ad campaign only serves to hype up a mediocre film and save on the budget while it lures in a curious audience. In other words, its an experimental film w/ experimental marketing. Well, kudos on another Hollywood gimmick. After sitting through 84 mins of a hipster party gone sour, near constant clamour , and epileptic cam-cord spasms (wait, there was a few shots of monsters in here too, right?), it becomes glaringly obviously, the real entertainment was the anticipation of this film. So, yeah, there was an online buzz manipulated by the various websites offering glimpses and revelations of what this "monster" was going to look like. So much of a hype that when you DO finally get to see the monster its like a false orgasm. Wait. That's it?

::long awkward pause::

Conclusion: I think J.J. Abrams needs to understand that the Godzilla franchise is uniquely Japan's pop culture first (the world's second)- that markets primarily to children and those nostalgic of their childhood. Godzilla has earned endearment because its sincere, not serious and certainly not because its a kitchy teen slasher flick.

ps> Why is the monster even called "Cloverfield"?
pps> SB5 updates soon
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The Ghost of Carby [Nov. 14th, 2007|06:15 pm]
Ade "AJ"
So, this made it to the front page of CNN online:


...And I of all ppl had to try and debunk a ghost story. Yes, I'm "Nanofan".
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Viva California [Oct. 24th, 2007|03:32 pm]
Ade "AJ"

Ahhh...California- the land of Shake and Bake

...Never a dull moment here
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